Strategy for Excellence, Equity & Enrichment in Service


As Queen’s largest faculty with 30 departments of varying size and complexity, and in light of fast-growing and diversifying demands on staff that cannot always be accommodated within units, a more equitable and consistent approach to service and support is increasingly essential for the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Under the guiding principle of maintaining equitable access to administrative functions, solutions will be developed in close consultation with departments to align with the FAS Strategic Plan. Specifically, existing structures and resources will be collaboratively reimagined to:

  • Enrich the student experience by ensuring equitable, consistent access to critical services
  • Enable a dynamic teaching and research environment by providing faculty members with appropriate and consistent resources and support
  • Maximize organizational efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Increase staff support and career-path opportunities
  • Provide units with equitable levels of support to meet key, emerging functions (eg: accommodations, remote learning support, research support etc)

This approach will be rooted in fairness and a strong commitment to supporting our people as departments collectively strive for excellence in teaching, research and service.

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