Attestation of Extenuating Circumstances Request Form

Important: Online requests are reviewed during regular business hours, Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm. Requests may take 1 business day to be processed. There may be delays during high peak periods (i.e: exams).

Academic consideration is a process for the university community to provide a compassionate response to assist students experiencing a short-term extenuating circumstance. Consideration is based on the principle of good faith, wherein the university and instructors understand that student circumstances and documented requests are legitimate.

This one-time use Attestation may be used in situations when a student is unable to provide supporting documentation to verify that an extenuating circumstance has occurred. This form is submitted in good faith by the student and can only support a short-term request for Academic Consideration for up to 3 days.

To be eligible for an Attestation:

  • You must have already used your short-term request without documentation this term, and;
  • You must be experiencing an unforeseen, extenuating circumstance as defined on the Academic Consideration webpage.
  • You must be an Arts and Science student.

If you are taking an ASC course, you must contact your home faculty (i.e: Health Science, Engineering, etc.) to request an Attestation form. Please see the Student Wellness Services website where contact information for other faculties can be found under the “Info for Faculty and Staff” section.

If you feel you are unable to meet academic requirements due to high levels of academic stress, or exam-related anxiety, please do not complete this form. Contact Student Wellness Services for other avenues of support.

Please refer to the Senate Policy on Academic Consideration for Students in Extenuating Circumstances, and the procedures relating to the policy, prior to completing this form.


  1. Once you have completed all mandatory fields, the Faculty Office will automatically receive your request for an Attestation. Our staff will review your request and respond within 1 business day. There may be delays during high peak periods (i.e.: exams).
  2. If approved, the email you receive from Faculty Staff will serve as your Attestation. Please save this email in a supported format (.pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff) and log-in to the Academic Consideration Request Portal to submit a short-term request with documentation. Upload the email in its entirety to your request – it must include both the online form as well as the Faculty Office reply. If all requested information is not included, this will result in delays in verifying your request, which may limit the Consideration options available.

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