Why Queen's?

We are the school with a small-town feel, but with a large-city appeal. Queen's ArtSci is rich in history, clad with awards and medals for academic excellence, a network that is unlike any other - just ask any grad, and to top it off we have students like you that make Queen's University one unique place to study.

To get more specific, when you study at Queen's you get to be undeclared. It's hard to know what you want to study right out of high school where your options were limited. Our first year allows you to try a little bit of everything. So if you like playing the trumpet and you like learning about animal species then you can take courses in both music and biology before deciding the direction you want to specialize. In fact, you can even use this undeclared path to get to law school or med school—you just have to keep those grades up in whatever courses you choose.