Student Policies

The Faculty of Arts and Science has developed various policies to govern some of the functions of the office.  These policies include:

Student Code of Conduct

Queen’s University has a Student Code of Conduct to describe the standard of behaviour to which its students will be held.

Contravention of the terms of conduct published here or of any other applicable University policy by any Queen’s student may lead to disciplinary consequences.

Information for Parents and Guardians

Access to a student’s personal academic and financial status is privileged and confidential. Each student has the ability to authorize a third party (e.g., a parent or guardian) for access to their academic and financial information, but also has the right to maintain complete confidentiality in one or both areas. The default is for this information to remain confidential; a student must specifically designate an individual for access. If a student has granted you access to their academic data, we strongly encourage you to discuss with the student what your respective expectations are regarding the use of that access.

Privacy Policy – Office of the University Registrar
Privacy Policy – Queen’s University Residences

The student can access the Communication Release Form in the Personal Information section of their SOLUS account.